Papa Pilo's Pizza

3414 W Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92804

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Delivery / Pickup Hours
Fri 11:00AM — 10:00PM
Sat 11:00AM — 10:00PM
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About Papa Pilo's Pizza — Order your favorite pizza, pasta, salad, wings, subs, and more with Papa Pilo's Pizza located at 3414 W Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92804. Papa Pilo's Pizza has always given the people of Anaheim quality food, fast delivery, and great customer service... all at a palatable price. Our pizza, pasta, and meats are prepared freshly daily in our kitchens — and that's our guarantee.

On behalf of Papa Pilo's Pizza, we wish to thank our loyal customers for their patronage and pledge to continue to uphold the high standards on which Papa Pilo's Pizza was founded.

Papa Pilo's Pizza is now accepting online orders for delivery or takeout. Enjoy!

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